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6 Ways to add a little Bohemian Chic

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

1) Diversify Textures – Throw in as many textures as possible to a room. Put linen next to a metal, next to wood, next to glass, next to plants, next to distressed brick, next to mirrors…throw it all together.

2) Warm Lights – The theme should be ‘warm and cozy’ and nothing does that as well as year-round twinkle lights. Eccentric yes but soft and sweet light added to bedrooms, porches and even the kitchen are just the right touch for a sweet chic look.

3) Keep It ‘Unfinished’ – The Bohemian Chic looks concerns itself more with having fun than it does with being ‘finished’. The right amount of rugged and unfinished furniture revamps a room into a comfortable hang out spot and inviting family members to settle in and relax.

4) Paint One Wall Teal – Anything vibrant, unexpected and soothing all in one is a guaranteed hit. One wall painted in an alluring blue-green color enhances all those red and pink colors without making a room too dark. If a whole wall feels like too committal, paint a wooden chair turquoise or add in aquamarine ceramics to draw the eye.

5) Stripes – Stripes and shapes are taking over where floral textiles used to reign. Adding a dozen or so striped pillows to immediately Boho up a living room would be the perfect accent piece. Glamorous shades or red add a touch of luxuriance while pinks adds a pop of color without looking like you are trying too hard.

6) White and Light Woods – The dark, overwhelming wood of ‘serious’ furniture are often overly imposing and clunky alongside the vibrancy of the bohemian chic home. Strip, paint or re-stain those pieces white and light. Bounce off as much natural light as possible with light, bright woods. Blonde and white provide a neutral, vivid background for the color and texture in the rest of the room.

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