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Beauty in Italy

This April we traveled to Capri, Positano, Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii.

Our day trip to Pompeii. The ruins were absolutely stunning with their grand architectural design that has been amazingly preserved over thousands of years. I was in awe of the landscape, the colors that were used so long ago and the beautiful structures that withstands the test of time.

Positano is straight out of a fairy tale. With magnificent homes built right into the mountain side overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sipping freshly muddled Rossini’s poolside while tourists and locals were sprinkled throughout the town and beach, was a sight to be seen.

Charming and whimsical, every little bit of Italy is truly inspirational. Spending a week doesn't do it justice. Italy as a whole is wondrous place. I even did a long hike with my daughter at the Il Sentiero degli Dei also known as Path of the Gods. We stumbled upon a a gem of a little chapel that overlooked the towns of Positano, Priano and the marvels of the Amalfi Coast.. We had the best time exploring each cozy little town. The backdrops, the panoramic views are utterly breathtaking. The aromas wafting throughout the air are heavenly set in stunning natural beauty.

While in the mountains of Mt. Vesuvius, (which is still an active volcano and one of the most dangerous in the world) we came across a delicious little restaurant tucked away in the hills of an Italian winery. We soon realized this town was the famous San Marzano, also known for their mouthwatering tomatoes. The spaghetti and eggplant were scrumptious and the sweetness of the tomatoes are like none other we have ever tasted! I could go on forever about the food but being in Italy, I suppose it speaks for itself how amazing it is!

When we were in Capri, I was taken aback by the beauty of the plush green landscaped mountains and the wildly, vibrant colors of the endless flowers that were scattered throughout. Even the boat ride over to the island of Capri, we stopped in three different grotto's and by far the most exquisite was the internationally known Blue Grotto. The saying is true, that the crystal clear turquoise water literally glows and the result is magnificent. Pictures don't do it justice. I suggest seeing it in person at least once in your life!


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