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Francine obtained a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design/Architecture, which spanned over a period of four years. Following her graduation, she commenced her design career with David Easton Interiors in Manhattan, and subsequently with Beverly Ellsley in Westport, Connecticut. In 1996, she established her own design firm, which is based in Connecticut. Since then, Francine has undertaken a diverse range of design and renovation projects across the globe, including the design of one of the largest and most exclusive homes in Beverly Hills, a stunning Victorian-style residence in Montecito, CA, sprawling compounds in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, luxury apartments in Dubai and Cairo, a waterfront residence in the British Virgin Islands, condominiums on Manhattan's Upper East Side, and numerous homes of varying architectural styles throughout lower Fairfield County, CT.

Michael believes that every house tells a story.  

And the story is shaped by history, by place, and by the individuals who live within it. His passion for adapting traditional architectural forms with the principles for contemporary living has earned him the trust of families across New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and Palm Beach. Families who often return to Stonewater for a second home, a vacation home, or for updates to reflect changing needs when a new chapter is being written.


When Michael talks about his favorite clients, he says they are clients with incredibly high standards, but also clients that he can have a conversation with - have a quick lunch or a glass of wine and figure out the possibilities. The clients who then trust Michael and his Design Team to take the conversations, get to work, and make it all happen

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